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Gum tretament and Bone Graft Surgery

We lose bone from our jaws as the result of loosing teeth. Between about 30% – 60% of the bone around the socket can be lost in the first six months after extraction. Periodontal disease can contribute significantly to additional bone loss. Different types of bone grafts are utilized depending on the various factors.The most common types of bone grafting materials include :Autogenous bone,Allografts,Xenografts,Barrier membranes,Autogenous bone grafts are the best materials, and are procured from the individual’s own body, which helps to prevent rejection of transplanted materials. Auto genus bone is often taken from nearby sites such as the chin or jawbone, or from the hip. Allografts are generally taken from bone of another individual, and most often cadavers. Xenografts are bone transplants that are utilized from other species, such as pigs or cows. Very your membranes are often utilized, regardless of the type of bone graft, to enhance and stimulate creation and generation of new bone structure. In most cases, dental and cosmetic surgeons use an individual’s own bone for such repairs.