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Best orthodontist

Best Orthodontist

Orthodontics is the specialized branch of the study of dentistry. It mainly deals with the study of positioning and scaling of teeth, positioning of jaws, proper facial alignment and their prevention and correction. We as one of the best orthodontist in Chennai will not only correct your crooked teeth alignment but also improve your facial profile by correcting disproportionate jaw. Cosmetic dental treatments like tooth coloured filling, tooth whitening, dental bonding, smile designing, smile makeovers, etc are also done at our clinic. We are the most famous orthodontist in Chennai due to our utmost care and dedication to giving our patients the best smile.  As the most committed Orthodontists in Chennai it is Elite dentistry’s promise that after treating your dental problems with us you will return with a broad smile on your face and you will surely refer us to your family members and friends. To hold our repute we have the top orthodontist doctors in Chennai at our Elite dentistry clinic. Our highly qualified orthodontist Chennai doctors will give you wide-ranging orthodontic treatments like – malignment index, dental aesthetic index, or facial alignment.  Methods used by our orthodontist include the use of fixed appliances, using functional appliances, providing the adjunctive therapy and the post-treatment.

best orthodontist